Officials of the regime consulate in Istanbul with a Syrian activist


Officials of the regime’s consulate in Istanbul trust a Syrian activist

Syrian media and activist Osama Abu Zeid were subjected to verbal and physical abuse Tuesday morning by the regime’s consular officers in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

Abu Zeid said in a tweet on Twitter: “Assault and attack on me, physically and verbally, by the staff of the Syrian consulate in Istanbul .. This consulate, which is supposed to provide services to the people of Syria in Turkey is an intelligence branch and a center of praise” .

Abu Zeid added: “Today I went to the consulate to ratify a marriage contract to be submitted to the municipality. The employee asked me to remove the flag of the revolution wrapped around my wrists, in the form of a bracelet. “Then three other employees beat me and pushed me out of the room.”

“I have lodged a complaint with the police and now we have entered the consulate to identify the perpetrators, believing that they can practice blasphemy in Turkey.”

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