Syrian yok


During his search for a house in Istanbul, Mohammed and his friend Abu Ghassan did not expect their tour to end with harsh words from a Turkish old man, a long journey accompanied by the refusal of many homeowners to hire them with a word that the Syrians well understood as “Yabenge Yuk-Suri Yuk”.

He was tired of Abu Ghassan, 40, and was tired of looking for a house that would meet the conditions he was asking for, and the price he could pay, not to mention being disturbed by the reaction of some Turks after they knew he was a Syrian. Mohammed still has enough skin to continue searching for a home for his friend.

Muhammad Ghassan, his friend Abu Ghassan, said to him: “Let us enter this office, perhaps it will be the last and the end of the journey today,” Abu Ghassan agreed, and entered the office to find two elderly Turks following the news in the office.

“I learned something from Turkish, I can understand the Turks while talking, but I have a hard time talking to them,” Mohammed told Arab21.

“I asked the owner of the office to rent a house for my friend. He paused a little and then looked at me and spoke with a heavy Turkish accent, as though one of the Ottoman sultans was speaking to me.” There is a war in Syria, what do you do here! “I said. I can arrange a sentence to be a response to his words, “Turki continues with the same heavy tone to say to us: You are still young people capable of carrying arms and fighting, and Assad every day kills the Syrians and displaces them … You and all youth must return to Syria, the lion”.

“I could not answer,” he said. “I missed the words. I saw the details of my troubled face. He understood most of what the old man said.”

“We came out of the office and our eyes were full of tears,” he said. “The Turkish old man’s words settled in our ears and took up a lot of our thinking.” He did not know when he said he was talking to two people. Which brought them here. ”

Abu Ghassan led one of the rebel battalions in the countryside of Damascus, was wounded in one of the battles, and lost days in the mountains, ending the ordeal in Turkey as a match for his family and the family of his brother, who was killed in Syria.

Mohammed was with him in the ranks of the revolutionaries, and took up arms against the regime for two years, and went to Turkey later in difficult circumstances, to exercise relief, and serve his comrades at home and provide them with what they need. The areas of rural Damascus lacks much, according to his description.

The story of Mohammed and Abi Ghassan is a typical example of a situation that often confronts Syrians in Turkey, where most Syrians suffer many difficulties in securing accommodation in Istanbul and other cities, especially after some Syrian practices against the Turks have caused some Turks to refuse to rent their homes To the Syrians, not to mention the cases of monuments practiced by some Syrians on the Turks, which increased the reluctance of the Turks to help the Syrians.

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