Turkish Ministry of Sports honors the child of Syria


The Syrian Ministry of Youth and Sports has honored the seven-month-old Syrian child Mohammed Musab al-Jazairi and his mother for taking part in a tour of southern Turkey’s Antakya city for international students.

The tour included visits to a number of Syrian and Turkish schools, the Syrian camps and many archaeological sites, most notably the Tomb of the Martyrs and the Altnoz camp. The participants then planted roses in the historic cemetery in Antioch. The tour ended with the planting of bushes for the School of the Sons of Martyrs and Antiquities in the Karkhan area.

Mohammed, the child who did not exceed seven months was the star of the trip, which attracted everyone, who raced to carry him. He was delighted by the guests at the old age home and every minute someone asked him to sit in his room, play him, drink tea, and everywhere.

Except that the girls from the Damla team were the most attached to him, he spent a week with them, they loved him a lot and loved them. He would kiss them in the morning with hugs and kisses, share the food and sleep in the stone. As Mohammed was participating in all activities, he saw more than planting the smile and joy in the place where it is resolved.

The beautiful thing is that Muhammad knows how to speak some Chinese, Russian and Turkish words, which he chanted behind the girls. One of the participants, “Ahmed” says that a special friendship of its kind arose between the participants and the child Mohammed Muftha laughs and looks innocent Mohammed.

On the day of the celebration, his image, sitting in the lap of an elderly man, won his best picture. He was honored as the youngest participant in a medal of the Damla project in the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports. His mother was honored for her participation and was given a certificate of participation after having deserved to be a distinguished participant.

What is interesting is that the child Mohammed received his testimony at the moment of his sleep, as if he had come after an effort and fatigue for him, to make her happy the next morning the joy of joy.

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